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In the How to Compare Hosting Companies’ Speed & Reliability article, on the SYS-CON Media site, the best web hosting review method is explained. It’s speed and uptime, over time. In a nutshell:

Website speed test

  1. Deploy the same WordPress site to a bunch of hosting providers
  2. Measure speed and uptime with pingdom or similar
  3. Report results over time

WPDevShed has been doing a website speed test and uptime test for months already. The results are available at Scroll to the “Average Daily Server Response Times Compared” section and click the hosting provider names in the graph legend. This turns them off. Then, click GoDaddy and one other competitor. Repeat for any two that you want to compare. You can also move or widen the time frame.


This is the best web hosting review method because it provides customers with data about the most important factors in a hosting provider, in my opinion. Speed and Uptime. For example, on the screen capture above, GoDaddy cPanel had a significantly faster response time than HostGator, according to WPDevShed.

Review Signal Blog

Although the Review Signal Blog “Managed WordPress Hosting Showdown – Performance Benchmarks Comparison” article was performed over only a 10 day period, the attention to detail on the web hosting review method and the analysis of the collected data was superb.


“In both load tests, out-of-the-box, GoDaddy had the highest number of successful requests, the highest number of concurrent users, and either 1st or 2nd in average response time.” This is no accident. The Engineering teams at GoDaddy have been intently focused on providing a top tier service in terms of performance. The hardware stack behind the GoDaddy Managed WordPress offering is incredible.


Since publish of the article on the SYS-CON Media site, “How to Compare Hosting Companies’ Speed & Reliability, I’ve found two studies using this method.

This is great information for consumers of Web Hosting. Although there are many more factors to consider than speed and uptime, at the end of the day, having your website up and fast, all the time, with great consistency, is the single most important factor, in my opinion. These types of studies should be the basis of the best web hosting reviews.

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